• Seminar Presentation

    PSG’s Professor Rebecca Sear presenting “Why do health inequalities exist?” at the Nuffield Department of Population Health, Oxford in November 2018.

  • Demographic Surveillance

    Dr. Joanna Busza working at the Butajira Demographic Surveillance Site in Ethiopia.

  • DREAMS workshop at LSHTM

    The BMGF-funded DREAMS impact evaluation team, led by LSHTM (with Isolde Birdthistle and Sian Floyd as Co-PIs), meet in London with collaborators from Zimbabwe, Kenya, and South Africa, March 2016.

  • PhD Student Poster Day 2016

    Laura Brown, a current Research Degree student and member of the Evolutionary Demography Group, presents her work on breast feeding in the UK at the 2016 Student Poster Day.


The Population Studies Group (PSG) is engaged in the measurement and explanation of population trends and in the evaluation of attempts to modify them. With over 25 academic and academic-related staff, PSG represents the largest research group in Britain concerned with demography, reproductive health research, and related disciplines.

The Group is active in research both on Britain, Europe and other high-income countries, and in research on low-income countries, where it has a regional focus on sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia.

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