“Implementing the Option B+ PMTCT Guidelines in the Kilimanjaro Region”: symposium organised by PSG’s new SHAPE project

On 26th May, 2017, the SHAPE project (see below for details) is co-organsing a scientific symposium in partnership with Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) and the Global health institute, Duke. The meeting will take place in Moshi, Tanzania.  The symposium entitled “Implementing the Option B+ PMTCT Guidelines in the Kilimanjaro Region” aims to bring together scientist and health practioners working on PMTCT related activities to share experiences, to discuss preliminary research findings and new upcoming studies as well as to identify areas of synergy and opportunities for strengthening collaborations.  Within the KCMC community various research groups, students and implementers are involved in aspects related to PMTCT, in particular Option B+.  It is our hope that this symposium provides a platform from which we can foster collaborations and learn lessons in order to strengthen PMTCT research and implementation within the Region.  We are planning a full morning of activities convening current and potential local, national and international researchers, implementers and policy makers.

Background on SHAPE: The Strengthening Health Systems for the Application of Policy to Enable Universal Test and Treat (SHAPE UTT) Study was funded by the MRC/Wellcome and began in January 2017- December 2020.  This project aims to address a critical evidence gap by ascertaining heath systems preparedness for delivering UTT in Tanzania, Malawi and South Africa.  Alison Wringe (PI), Jenny Renju (Co-PI) and Jim Todd (Co-PI) will be working alongside Alpha network partners in Karonga (Mia Crampin), Ifakara (Eveline Geubbels) and uMhanyakude (Mosa Moshabela).

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