Seminar: China’s One Child Policy: What is the public health legacy?

Tuesday 17th April, 12.45pm

Jerry Morris B, LSHTM, 15-17 Tavistock Place, WC1H 9SH

Zou Yuliang

After nearly forty years of reform and opening-up, great changes have taken place in the lives of people living in China and in the position of China within the world. Coincident with the start of this period was the inception of China’s one child policy, the world’s most stringent family planning policy and one of the most ambitious social engineering interventions of the past half century. In this presentation, Dr Zou will examine the legacy of the one child policy and what lessons might be learnt from it. He will describe some of the impacts and consequences, past and continuing, intended and otherwise, that the one-child policy has had on public health, with a specific focus on sexual and reproductive health.

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