Upgrading seminar: Human resources for maternal and child health in China

Human resources for maternal and child health in China


Speaker: Huan Zhang


Supervisors: Carine Ronsmans, Georges Reniers, & Xiaoyun Liu (Peking University)


Date: Wednesday 18th July

Time: 12:45

Venue: Room LG9, Keppel Street



China has achieved spectacular success in maternal and child health (MCH) over the last sixty years. Human resources for health (HRH) have been important in this progress, but a thorough understanding of how HRH have contributed to better health, particularly better MCH, is lacking. Little is known about the MCH workforce – i.e. what training they have received and how they are certified – and their density in relation to the number of births. The health system in China is facing deep-rooted problem of human resource imbalance coupled with challenges due to the relaxation of the birth control policy. Putting in place the HRH needed for MCH services towards universal access is a pressing task.



The overall aim of my PhD is to gain a better understanding of the contribution of HRH to improvements in MCH in China in the past and in the future. I will look back at trends in MCH outcomes since 1950 and examine if and how HRH have contributed to this success; I will describe the current profile of MCH workers and how this varies by hospital; I will model future changes in the birth composition between 2015 and 2030 in order to project future HRH needs; and I will evaluate a currently ongoing HRH policy in order to estimate future HRH supply in rural and remote areas by 2030.

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