PSG members present their findings at the 2018 International Family Planning Conference in Rwanda.

International Conference on Family Planning 2018

A  series of 4 presentations,  chaired by PSG’s Professor Cari Free, covered the benefits of mobile phones for reproductive health support.

PSG member Chris Smith (Associate Professor) described his trial in Cambodia which increased the self-reported use of long acting contraception at 12 months post abortion.  PSG Research Degree student Kate Reiss, together with Kathryn Church from Marie Stopes International, went on to describe the potential risks of partner abuse in women seeking reproductive health support.

Ona McCarthy, PSG Research Fellow and Research Degree student, presented the results of three randomised controlled trials. The trials evaluated the effect of a contraceptive behavioural intervention delivered by mobile phone on acceptability and use of effective contraception among young people in Tajikistan, Palestine and Bolivia.

Trinity Zan from FH360 described how WHISPER, an SMS intervention, was designed with sex workers based in Kenya to meet their needs including support for partners and client abuse.

Sarah Baum from IBIS Reproductive Health talked about how mobile applications can be private by design, using the example of their app which provides abortion and post-abortion support in 5 contexts.

More details of this year’s International Conference on Family Planning, which was held from 12th-15th November 2018, can be found here

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