Group Members

London-based PSG Members Research Interests & Affiliations
Isolde Isolde Birdthistle
Assistant Professor
Clara Calvert
Assistant Professor
kathryn_church Kathryn Church
Assistant Professor
reproductive health; family planning; HIV/AIDS; social science; health services research
clarke.lynda Lynda Clarke
Associate Professor
johncleland-photo John Cleland
Emeritus Professor

fertility; family planning;
child mortality; implications of population change in Africa
Cari Free
frankie-liew Frankie Liew
Project Coordinator

kazuyo_machiyama Kazuyo Machiyama
Research Fellow
fertility; family planning; demography; STEP-UP; Africa; Asia

Maternal and Newborn Health Group; MARCH

Milly Marston
Assistant Professor
demography; HIV/AIDS, sub-Saharan Africa; demographic surveillance systems; community-based HIV surveillance; demographic impact of AIDS


Melissa Palmer
Research Fellow
sexual behaviour; adolescent health
georges_reniers Georges Reniers
Associate Professor
susie_schaffnit Susan Schaffnit
Research Fellow
evolutionary demography; reproductive health; intergenerational support; quantitative social science; anthropology

Evolutionary Demography Group

rebecca_sear Rebecca Sear
Reader in Population & Health
Head of Group
evolutionary demography; human behavioural ecology;
comparative research

Evolutionary Demography Group

slaymaker.emma Emma Slaymaker
Associate Professor
sexual behaviour; sub-Saharan Africa


Christopher Smith
Assistant Professor
family planning; mHealth
timaeus.ian Ian Timaeus
Professor of Demography
fertility transition in sub-Saharan Africa; inequalities in child health and welfare; measurement of adult mortality
keith_tomlin Keith Tomlin
Assistant Professor
BZ_profile_photo Basia Zaba
Professor of Medical Demography
demography; demographic estimation; demographic surveillance systems; community-based HIV surveillance; demographic impact of AIDS


Overseas PSG Members
James Beard
(Mwanza, Tanzania)

Data Manager
JoannaBuszaMay2016 Joanna Busza
(Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
Associate Professor
qualitative research; HIV prevention & treatment; maternal health; sexual & reproductive health;
programme evaluation; key populations; participatory methods; Ethiopia; Zimbabwe

MARCH; Centre for Evaluation

jim_todd Jim Todd
(Mwanza, Tanzania)

Professor of Applied Biostatistics
jenny_renju Jenny Renju
(Moshi, Tanzania)

Assistant Professor
adolescent health; maternal and child health; HIV/AIDS; implementation,
operational and health systems research

MARCH; Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College

wringe.alison Ally Wringe
(Paris, France)

Associate Professor

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