Publications – 2016

Safetxt: a pilot randomised controlled trial of an intervention delivered by mobile phone to increase safer sex behaviours in young people. McCarthy, O.L. ; French, R.S. ; Baraitser, P. ; Roberts, I. ; Rathod, S.D. ; Devries, K. ; Bailey, J.V. ; Edwards, P. ; Wellings, K. ; Michie, S. ; Free, C. ; BMJ Open, 2016; 6(12):e013045

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The HIV care cascade among female sex workers in Zimbabwe: results of a population-based survey from the Sisters Antiretroviral therapy Programme for Prevention of HIV, an Integrated Response (SAPPH-IRe) Trial. Cowan, F.M. ; Davey, C. ; Fearon, E. ; Mushati, P. ; Dirawo, J. ; Cambiano, V. ; Mavedzenge, S.N. ; Hanisch, D. ; Wong-Gruenwald, R. ; Chemhuru, M. ; Masuka, N. ; Hatzold, K. ; Mugurungi, O. ; Busza, J. ; Phillips, A. ; Hargreaves, J.R. ; J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr, 2016

A New Niche? The Theory of Grandfather Involvement. Coall, D.A.; Hilbrand, S.; Sear, R.; Hertwig, R. in ‘Grandfathers: Global Perspectives’ Buchanan, Ann; Rotkirch, Anna (2016) Palgrave Macmillan UK (London) :21-44

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The Reproductive Ecology of Industrial Societies, Part I : Why Measuring Fertility Matters. Stulp, G.; Sear, R. ; Barrett, L. Hum Nat, 2016

The Reproductive Ecology of Industrial Societies, Part II : The Association between Wealth and Fertility.  Stulp, G. ; Sear, R. ; Schaffnit, S.B. ; Mills, M.C. ; Barrett, L. ; Hum Nat, 2016

Maternal systemic or cord blood inflammation is associated with birth anthropometry in a Tanzanian prospective cohort.
Wilkinson, A.L. ; Pedersen, S.H. ; Urassa, M. ; Michael, D. ; ANDREASEN, A. ; TODD, J. ; Kinung’hi, S.M. ; Changalucha, J. ; Mcdermid, J.M. ; Trop Med Int Health, 2016

Addendum to: Can Internet-Based Sexual Health Services Increase Diagnoses of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)? Protocol for a Randomized Evaluation of an Internet-Based STI Testing and Results Service. Wilson, E. ; Free, C. ; Morris, T.P. ; Syred, J. ; Baraitser, P. ; Jmir Res Protoc, 2016; 5(3):E141

Alcohol-related diagnoses and all-cause hospitalization among HIV-Infected and uninfected patients: a longitudinal analysis of United States Veterans from 1997 to 2011. Rentsch, C. ; Tate, J.P. ; Akgün, K.M. ; Crystal, S. ; Wang, K.H. ; Ryan Greysen, S. ; Wang, E.A. ; Bryant, K.J. ; Fiellin, D.A. ; Justice, A.C. ; Rimland, D. ; Aids Behav, 2016; 20(3):555-64

Reliability of reporting of HIV status and antiretroviral therapy usage during verbal autopsies: a large prospective study in rural Malawi. Mclean, E.M. ; Chihana, M. ; Mzembe, T. ; Koole, O. ; Kachiwanda, L. ; Glynn, J.R. ; Zaba, B. ; Nyirenda, M. ; Crampin, A.C. ; Glob Health Action, 2016; 9:31084

Obligation to family during times of transition: care, support and the response to HIV and AIDS in rural South Africa. Knight, L.; Hosegood, V.; Timæus, I.M.; AIDS Care, 2016; :1-12

Response to Letters to the Editor from Irit Sinai “Standard Days Method Effectiveness: opinion disguised as scientific review” and Kelsey Wright, Karen Hardee, and John Townsend “The pitfalls of using selective data to represent the effectiveness, relevance and utility of the Standard Days Method of contraception”. Marston, C.; Church, K.; Contraception, 2016

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Underage and underserved: reaching young women who sell sex in Zimbabwe. Busza, J.; Mtetwa, S.; Mapfumo, R.; Hanisch, D.; Wong-Gruenwald, R.; Cowan, F.; AIDS Care, 2016; 28 Suppl 2:14-20

Area-level mortality and morbidity predict ‘abortion proportion’ in England and Wales. Virgo, S.; Sear, R. Evolution and Human Behavior, 2016;

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Evaluation of a demand-creation intervention for couples’ HIV testing services among married or cohabiting individuals in Rakai, Uganda: a cluster-randomized intervention trial. Matovu, J.K. ; Todd, J. ; Wanyenze, R.K. ; Kairania, R. ; Serwadda, D. ; Wabwire-Mangen, F. ; BMC Infect Dis, 2016; 16(1):379

Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry and calculated frax risk scores may underestimate osteoporotic fracture risk in vitamin d-deficient veterans with hiv infection. Stephens, K.I. ; Rubinsztain, L. ; Payan, J. ; Rentsch, C. ; Rimland, D. ; Tangpricha, V. ; Endocr Pract, 2016; 22(4):440-6

Baseline, Time-updated, and Cumulative HIV Care Metrics for Predicting Acute Myocardial Infarction and All-Cause Mortality. Salinas, J.L. ; Rentsch, C. ; Marconi, V.C. ; Tate, J. ; Budoff, M. ; Butt, A.A. ; Freiberg, M.S. ; Gibert, C.L. ; Goetz, M.B. ; Leaf, D. ; Rodriguez-Barradas, M.C. ; Justice, A.C. ; Rimland, D. ; Clin Infect Dis, 2016;

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What would happen if UK residents stopped having babies? Timaeus, I.M Significance, 2016; 13(2):12

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Do grandparents compete with or support their grandchildren? In Guatemala, paternal grandmothers may compete, and maternal grandmothers may cooperate. Sheppard, P.; Sear, R. R Soc Open Sci, 2016; 3(4):160069

The feasibility and acceptability of screening for hypertension in private drug retail outlets: a pilot study in Mwanza region, Tanzania. Michael, D.; Kezakubi, D.; Juma, A.; Todd, J. ; Reyburn, H. ; Renju, J.; Int Health, 2016;

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Beyond the nuclear family: an evolutionary perspective on parenting. Sear, R. Current Opinion in Psychology, 2016; 7:98-103

Reply to Rieger and Wagner: Context matters when studying purportedly harmful cultural practices. Lawson, D.W. ; James, S.; Ngadaya, E.; Ngowi, B.; Mfinanga, S.G.; Borgerhoff Mulder, ; Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2016;

Does grandparental help mediate the relationship between kin presence and fertility? Snopkowski, K.; Sear, R. Demographic Research, 2016; 34(17):467-498

Data Resource Profile: Network for Analysing Longitudinal Population-Based HIV/AIDS Data on Africa (Alpha Network). Reniers, G.; Wamukoya, M.; Urassa, M.; Nyaguara, A.; Nakiyingi-Miiro, J.; Lutalo, T.; Hosegood, V.; Gregson, S.; Gómez-Olivé, X.; Geubbels, E.; Crampin, A.C.; Wringe, A.; Waswa, L.; Tollman, S.; Todd, J.; Slaymaker, E.; Serwadda, D.; Price, A.; Oti, S.; Nyirenda, M.J.; Nabukalu, D.; Nyamukapa, C.; Nalugoda, F.; Mugurungi, O.; Mtenga, B.; Mills, L.; Michael, D.; Mclean, E.; Mcgrath, N.; Martin, E.; Marston, M.; Maquins, S.; Levira, F.; Kyobutungi, C.; Kwaro, D.; Kasamba, I.; Kanjala, C.; Kahn, K.; Kabudula, C.; Herbst, K.; Gareta, D.; Eaton, J.W.; Clark, S.J. ; Church, K.; Chihana, M.; Calvert, C.; Beguy, D.; Asiki, G.; Amri, S.; Abdul, R.; Zaba, B.; Int J Epidemiol, 2016;

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Why Demography Needs Psychologists. Pepper, G.; McAllister, L.; Sear, R. Psychologist, 2016; 29(1):26-29

Uptake of Services For Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission Of HIV in a Community Cohort in Rural Tanzania from 2005 To 2012. Gourlay, A.; Wringe, A.; Todd, J.; Cawley, C.; Michael, D.; Machemba, R.; Clark, B.; Masesa, C.; Marston, M.; Urassa, M.; Zaba, B. BMC Health Services Research, 2016; 16:9

Does the Evidence Support Global Promotion of the Abstinence-Based Standard Days method® of Contraception? Marston, C.A.; Church, K. Contraception, 2016;

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Adult Life expectancy trends in the era of antiretroviral treatment in rural Uganda (1991-2012). Asiki, G. ; Reniers, G. ; Newton, R. ; Baisley, K. ; Nakiyingi-Miiro, J. ; Slaymaker, E. ; Kasamba, I. ; Seeley, J. ; Todd, J. ; Kaleebu, P. ; Kamali, A. AIDS, 2016; 30(3):487-93

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