CURRENT (2018)

Reaching young women who sell sex: Methods and results of social mapping to describe and identify young women for DREAMS impact evaluation in Zimbabwe. Chiyaka, T.; Mushati, P.; Hensen, B.; Chabata, S.; Hargreaves, J.R.; Floyd, S.; Birdthistle, I.J.; Cowan, F.M.; Busza, J.R.; PLoS One, 2018; 13(3):e0194301

Lactate clearance as a prognostic marker of mortality in severely ill febrile children in East Africa. Aramburo, A.; Todd, J.; George, E.C.; Kiguli, S.; Olupot-Olupot, P.; Opoka, R.O.; Engoru, C.; Akech, S.O.; Nyeko, R.; Mtove, G.; Gibb, D.M.; Babiker, A.G.; Maitland, K.; BMC Med, 2018; 16(1):37

Web-Based Activity Within a Sexual Health Economy: Observational Study. Turner, K.M. ; Zienkiewicz, A.K. ; Syred, J. ; Looker, K.J. ; de Sa, J. ; Brady, M. ; Free, C. ; Holdsworth, G. ; Baraitser, P. ; J Med Internet Res, 2018; 20(3):e74

Inequity in out-of-pocket payments for hospitalisation in India: Evidence from the National Sample Surveys, 1995-2014. Pandey, A. ; Clarke, L. ; Dandona, L. ; Ploubidis, G.B. ; Soc Sci Med, 2018; 201:136-147

“It is not possible to go inside and have a discussion”: how fear of stigma affects delivery of community-based support for children’s HIV care. Busza, J. ; Simms, V. ; Chikwari, C.D. ; Dauya, E. ; Bandason, T. ; Makamba, M. ; McHugh, G. ; Ferrand, R.A. ;  AIDS Care, 2018; :1-7

Improving the Measurement of Fertility Regulation Practices: Findings from Qualitative Research in Ghana. Marston, C.; Renedo, A.; Nsorma Nyaaba, G.; Machiyama, K; Tapsoba, P.; Cleland, J. International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 2018;

A randomized controlled trial of an intervention delivered by mobile phone app instant messaging to increase the acceptability of effective contraception among young people in Tajikistan. McCarthy, O.; Ahamed, I.; Kulaeva, F.; Tokhirov, R.; Saibov, S.; Vandewiele, M.; Standaert, S.; Leurent, B.; Edwards, P.; Palmer, M.; Free, C.; Reprod Health, 2018; 15(1):28

Evaluating the impact of DREAMS on HIV incidence among young women who sell sex: protocol for a non-randomised study in Zimbabwe. Hensen, B.; Hargreaves, J.R.; Chiyaka, T.; Chabata, S.; Mushati, P.; Floyd, S.; Birdthistle, I.; Busza, J.; Cowan, F.; BMC Public Health, 2018; 18(1):203

Association of the Paediatric Admission Quality of Care score with mortality in Kenyan hospitals: a validation study. Opondo, C.; Allen, E.; Todd, J.; English, M.; Lancet Glob Health, 2018; 6(2):e203-e210


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