Research Degree Students

David Etoori
Anushe Hassan
sophie_hedges Sophie Hedges Education, socioeconomic status and fertility in Tanzania
Shona Horter Investigating the impact of test and treat approaches on patients’ experiences with HIV diagnosis, treatment and care in Swaziland
chifundo_kanjala Chifundo Kanjala Development of data documentation tools for extracting, harmonising and pooling HIV surveillance data from ALPHA cohorts
Kelsi Ann Kriitmaa Migrant female sex workers in Nairobi
Judith Lieber
Shammi Luhar
Milly Marston Impact of HIV on fertility
Judie Mbogua
ona_mccarthy-small Ona McCarthy Epidemiology; adolescent health intervention development & evaluation trials; behaviour change; MARCH; sexual & reproductive health
edward_morgan-small Edward Morgan Reconstructing historical demographic trends using parish registers in Navrongo, Ghana
Anamika Pandey Healthcare costs of the elderly in India
Kate Reiss An investigation into the effectiveness and social implications of an mHealth intervention for post-abortion family planning in Bangladesh
christopher_rentsch-small Christopher Rentsch Using Record Linkage to Measure Patterns of HIV Service Utiilization
Anne Rerimoi Neo-natal mortality in sub-Saharan Africa
rachel_scott Rachel Scott Abortion rates in UK and France
laura_brown Laura Streeter Understanding socioeconomic disparities in breastfeeding in the UK: exploring the role of environmental perception
Emma Wilson

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